Andrea Frizzi

Chef Andrea Frizzi was born and raised in Milan, Italy. At an early age, he developed a passion for fine Italian cooking from his Venetian mother, Pia. He learned about discipline and honest hard work from his Tyrolean father, Livio.

Andrea graduated with honors from the prestigious four-year culinary course of the Italian Culinary Academy, and was awarded the "Distinguished Diploma o Merito" by the mayor of Milan as the top graduate in the class. Frizzi then worked in Milan for 12 years in increasingly senior restaurant management positions. As the executive chef at Saint Abroeus, Frizzi cooked for late Pope John Paul II, late US President Ronald Regan, Russian President Michael Gorbachev, Italian Prime Minister Andreotti, and many more.

In 1993 Andrea moved to the United States and accepted a position as the Executive Chef for Bice Restaurant in Washington, D.C. and in 1994 was awarded from Williams of Sonoma of one of the new rising best chef in USA for its Taste of Home publication and best new young chef in Washington, D.C. by Dining Digest.

After successfully completing that assignment, Andrea proceeded to consult for other restaurants in the Washington/Baltimore area. He witnessed many poor restaurant activities such as over used concepts, poor food preparation, unacceptable service, and disrespect for food service in general. From these observations, he saw the need to provide complete restaurant consulting services and in 1996 founded Restaurants Incorporated. Andrea believes that food quality, proper attentive service, respect for tradition, attention to detail, creation of new ideas, and organization of all restaurant functions are all fundamental to successful restaurant operations.

Andrea is now operating his new restaurant, Il Posto, a restaurant that is all about the ingredients. The menu, written in Italian, pays homage to a cuisine that relies on the day’s freshest ingredients.

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